File Reviews for Standard of Care

Occupational Therapists are legally held by practice standards that reflect their education, training, expected safe work behaviors, proper documentation, and ethical decision-making. Unfortunately, patient injuries can occur in the course of a therapist providing patient care treatment. ERS provides case file reviews to assess if a treating therapist’s provided care was up to accepted standards or deviated from this level.

Code of Ethics and Standards

The specific purposes of the Occupational Therapy Code of Ethics and Ethics Standards (according to the 2018 American Occupational Therapy Association) are to:

  • Identify and describe the principles supported by the occupational therapy profession
  • Educate the general public and members regarding established principles to which occupational therapy personnel are accountable.
  • Socialize occupational therapy personnel to expected standards of conduct.
  • Assist occupational therapy personnel in recognition and resolution of ethical dilemmas.

Case Studies

Woman with post-surgery shoulder pain

Upper Extremity

40-year old woman, 2.5 years post shoulder surgery, after which she was diagnosed with a right brachial…

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Man with devastating leg injury

Leg Injury Assessment

51-year old construction worker, 1.5 years post injury and 10 left leg surgeries to salvage a crushed leg…

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Woman with spinal injuries

Cervical & Lumbar Spine Evaluation

Homemaker with spinal injuries following a motor vehicle accident

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