Expert Hand/Upper Extremity Services

Hand/Upper Extremity Functional Evaluations focus on how a person’s hand, wrist, elbow or shoulder injury affects their daily function, whether for home and/or work. In assessing function, comparisons are made between the affected and unaffected sides, and in comparison to sex and age norm groups.

We Evaluate Your Specific Performance Areas

Hand/Upper Extremity Function Evaluation assesses the following performance areas, which are critical to using the hand and arm:

  • Mobility
  • Strength
  • Sensibility
  • Fine & gross motor skills
  • Hold & grasp
  • Work with tools, write & type
  • Reach, lift & carry
  • Position the hand/arm in space
  • Push & pull
  • Exert force

Case Studies

Woman with post-surgery shoulder pain

Upper Extremity

40-year old woman, 2.5 years post shoulder surgery, after which she was diagnosed with a right brachial…

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Man with devastating leg injury

Leg Injury Assessment

51-year old construction worker, 1.5 years post injury and 10 left leg surgeries to salvage a crushed leg…

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Woman with spinal injuries

Cervical & Lumbar Spine Evaluation

Homemaker with spinal injuries following a motor vehicle accident

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